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What is my sexual orientation anyway?

I sort of have a coming out story but it's basically the lack there of! Tune in for more...

Returning to purpose not perfection: no more pleasure denial!

I started wondering why I deny myself pleasure in the moment of accomplishment...I almost forgot why I started podcasting in the first place!

Rudo has news! Plus Wayfaring Stranger

Something is ready to be released to the public. And I have an American folk song classic to sing to you.

The Sensual Environmentalist: Rachel Norton on Oo Oo Interview

Want to know what this exciting woman has to say on burlesque, sexy sustainability messages, biosytems engineering (just me really, she was a super champ and kept it v...

Intersecting music, medicine, tech and leadership: Alex Smart on Oo Oo Interview

Alex Smart says her path may look a little weird, going from public medicine to software design to leading digital development teams in an insurance industry (all the ...

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